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Reduce your energy costs

We are your advocate with the utilities, using proven, risk-free strategies to reduce your electric and natural gas rates.

Many companies have spent billions to reduce the amount of energy consumed in their plants. Far fewer have paid proper attention to their utility rate structures. Over a 35 year period, Energy Architects has produced over $470 million in energy rate cost savings to its commercial industrial clients. Don't miss this opportunity to let Energy Architects help your company.


Don’t miss this opportunity

Our decades of experience in negotiations with utility companies across the United States reveal actions you MUST take now.

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Your advocate with the utilities to reduce your electric and natural gas rates!

We provide experience from negotiations with dozens of utility companies from all across the United States.

We conduct nationwide rate structure studies.

We represent client groups before public service boards.

Our experts specialize in negotiating rate discounts.

We are driven to quickly generate savings.


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"During his years working in the utility industry with large industrial customers, Paul Holland realized that most companies lacked the expertise they needed to properly represent their interests in negotiating with their utility providers. To meet industry's need for an advocate, he founded Energy Architects in 1981. As a professional engineer and previous utility insider, he and his staff have the expertise and experience to create unique and innovative strategies to produce significant savings for their clients. Our team of engineers and analysts specialize in negotiating rate discounts for large electric and/or gas users in both regulated and deregulated areas of the country, saving our clients millions of dollars in energy costs."

- Paul Holland, President and CEO.
Paul Holland has represented many clients before Public Service Commissions and other Regulatory Agencies, and to date he has been 100% successful.

Who We Are

Energy Architects specializes in utility rate reduction, with a focus on electricity and natural gas. We develop unique and innovative strategies to purchase electric and gas utilities. We negotiate rate discounts for large electric and/or gas users in both regulated and deregulated areas of the country, creating substantial savings in energy costs. We have been very successful with the leverage we can utilize for multiple plant locations of a company with plants in various states.

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Clients in a diverse range of industries who have benefited from our services

"Our efforts have saved our clients in excess of $470 million. You won't find a quicker way with the potential to create substantial savings in your energy costs, or a better return on your energy investment dollars."

ConServ Energy Group for In-Plant Energy Savings

For information on our unique "in plant" energy savings opportunities, please visit the site of our sister company, ConServ Energy Group. There, areas such as heat recovery, combined heat and power, waste gasification, variable frequency drives, air compressors and ceramic coatings are outlined.

Southeastern Power Users Group

The Southeastern Power Users Group (SEPUG) is the lobbying group for clients of Energy Architects that have signed an agreement with Energy Architects. There is no extra charge to our clients for these services. We use SEPUG to lay the groundwork and present our findings to official groups such as Public Service Commissions, Municipal Boards, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, Public Utilities, and TVA. Paul Holland is also the Managing Director of SEPUG.